Creating the website of Grace


If you’re lucky, a brand has one great point of difference, USP, call it what you will. Even better if you can find one that has a couple.


Just sometimes a brand comes along that has many – and such an entity is Grace Belgravia.

Salon High Res copy


You could choose any of these to focus on:


  • It’s the only elite private members club for women in London
  • It has a world-class restaurant, gym and spa, as you would expect – but also a full medical facility, which you would not
  • Grace is all about ‘Health and Wellbeing from the inside out’
  • It is a centre of Preventative Medicine and Ageing Well
  • It runs eclectic cultural events, creating the ambience of a classic literary salon, reimagined for now
  • It has a thriving ‘To Go!/Delivery’ business for its signature healthy yet delicious cuisine
  • It is housed in a Grade II listed building that exudes relentless design integrity from the spectacular Atrium to the facings on the Spa locker doors

Grace Atrium 2 copy


We could go on. We simply took this alchemy of attributes, and summed it up in the line ‘Live life in Grace’. Then we set out to capture the personality of each of the many elements.


Our re-imagining of is here